If you are a band teacher or the leader of your high school marching band, then you could be looking for ideas for new material. After all, you probably do not want the band members to get bored from playing the same songs over and over again, and you may want to come up with unique, fun and challenging performances for competitions, games and more. It can be hard to come up with new material, but these are a few tips that can help you do so.

1. Ask the Band Members for Input

First of all, you might want to ask your band members if they have any ideas for new performances or songs. The band members might sometimes practice on their own and might have come up with some pretty good songs, for example. Letting them contribute their ideas can be a good thing, since it can help them feel like a true part of the band and since they might actually provide some pretty good ideas.

2. Consider Focusing on Pop Culture

Your band members probably listen to a lot of modern music, and even though they might like some of the traditional band songs that they have played, they might like to do a little more of a modern take on their band performances. Implementing favorite pop culture songs can be a great way to get the kids in your high school marching band excited about music again, and those who they are performing for might really enjoy it as well.

3. Use a Marching Band Arranging Service

Did you know that there are actually services out there that offer marching band arranging services? One of these services can be a good idea for your marching band. Basically, you can talk to someone from the service about the skill levels of your band members and the type of performance that you would like for them to put on. Then, the service can create a marching band arrangement that will be perfect for your band.

If you feel as if your band's current routines and performances are a bit boring and if you would like to shake things up, or if you would like to choose the perfect arrangement for an upcoming band competition or another special event, consider following one or all of these three tips. Then, you can help ensure that your band has a great routine to practice and perform, and you can get your band members excited about being in the band again.