If you have decided to learn how to play the piano this year, or if you have decided that you want to increase your piano lessons this year, it helps to have some strategies under your belt that will help you improve at a faster rate. 

Warm Up Your Hands

Before you start practicing hardcore, it is important that you warm up your hands before you get going. There are specific exercises that are designed to warm up and stretch your hands before you start to play. Do not skip these important exercises. Make sure that you schedule at least ten minutes to warm up your hands before you really start practicing. This will also help you get into the right mindset.

Start with The Fundamentals

After you warm up your hands, dedicate the next portion of your practice time to fundamentals. Although you may have more fun playing the song that you are working hard on, the only way to become an expert is to master the fundamentals, and in order to master the fundamentals, you need to spend time on them every day. The fundamentals include things such as timing, runs, scales as well as accuracy. Spend at least fifteen minutes every time you practice on mastering the fundamentals, which are all about repetition and practice.

Slow Down Hard Songs

If you are having a hard time learning a song, slow it down. You don't have to play the song at full speed to start with. Take the song and slow down the pace to half-speed. Practice the song at a reduced bpm until you master the song. Once you master the song, then work on speeding it speeding it up a bmp each time until you are playing the song at the correct bpm. Once you master the song, with practice, you will be able to play the song at the appropriate peed.

Listen to Pianists

You can improve as a pianist even when you are not sitting at a piano. In your free time, spend time listening to your favorite pianist. Listening to different pianist will help you identify and hear sounds and notes. It will help you know what great music sounds like and will help you train your ears so that you know when you are hitting the right notes and speed when you are playing and practicing yourself.

If you want to become a better piano player this year, make sure to warm up your hands, practice the fundamentals and slow down hard songs so you can master the moves and notes before you bring them up to speed. Finally, build in time to listen to your favorite pianists so you learn more about the art of playing the piano.