If you're getting married and are thinking about the music at your ceremony and reception, you may be tempted to take the approach of creating a playlist on your smartphone or MP3 player and having a member of your wedding party or family look after operating the device. It can certainly be fun to sit with your spouse-to-be and compile each of the songs that you want included on your big day, but you should also be open to the idea of hiring a wedding DJ from a company like JTM Entertainment instead of handling your own music. Here are some reasons that having a professional handle the tunes is a better option.

You're Not Relying On One Device

It can be risky to put together a playlist for your wedding day on a single device. In most cases, nothing will go wrong, but there's always an opportunity for an issue to arise. At an outdoor wedding, the device could get left in the sun and overheat or left where it can get soaked with rain. The small size of the device means that it can get overlooked in the hustle of the wedding day and lost. Additionally, such devices are generally reliable, but they can also crash or suffer other issues. You don't want any of these problems to affect your wedding day. Hiring a DJ means that you won't have to fret about your device and its playlist.

New Songs Can Be Added

When you create a playlist for your wedding reception, you're generally stuck with the sequence of songs. (Although you could technically adjust the playlist during the reception, you're unlikely to do so.) With a DJ, there's a high degree of flexibility when it comes to playing the music. For example, if the crowd is getting a little tired and beginning to sit down, you can easily get the DJ to play an up-tempo song to get your guests back up and dancing. This will create a better overall energy in the room.

The DJ Provides The Right Banter

It's nice to occasionally have someone speak between songs, but this can be a challenge when you're using a digital playlist. In such a scenario, you'd likely have to get the master of ceremonies to speak, which would require someone pausing the playlist to avoid interruptions. You won't face this hassle when you have a wedding DJ in charge of the music. The DJ can talk as much or as little as you'd like between songs.