A dilemma that many individuals run into when trying to plan their wedding is determining if they should get a wedding band or DJ. While there are quite a few advantages to both, here are a few reasons to consider a wedding band specifically.

The Band Can Read The Room

One of the best parts of hiring a wedding band is that the band can easily read the room. This means that as the event goes on, they will be able to tell if your guests are starting to get a bit more tired, at which point they can begin to play slower music to keep people dancing and entertained without causing them to become exhausted. Additionally, if the room is looking a bit lackluster or some of your guests appear to be bored, the band can switch things up and play a faster-paced song that will encourage people to get moving and keep them active.

The Band Can Interact With Your Guests

A wedding band is also a good option because the band can interact with your guests throughout the night. In many cases, the band will have at least one member that will be able to act as an announcer or master of ceremonies for the couple.

Also, by having the band interact with your guests, they can help keep everybody more engaged throughout the night, which is an effective way to keep everybody more invested and entertained over the course of the event. Sure, a DJ can often do the same thing, but with the DJ there is a greater risk that you will have an individual that will spend most of the night simply playing music without really engaging anyone.

The Band Will Provide Entertainment For All Of Your Guests

Finally, a band is a great option because it will provide entertainment for all of your guests. When watching a DJ go about their task, you're really not getting much entertainment from the experience of watching them work as they are usually just hitting buttons on their equipment to get your music going.

However, when you have a wedding band playing, you will actually be able to see them playing the music and see the emotion or excitement that they are feeling when they are playing particular songs. This can provide a lot of entertainment for those of your guests who are not really into dancing and who may otherwise just end up being bored if you had a DJ handling your music.

Hiring a wedding band, such as Van Wagenen Band, can be a great way to really spice up your wedding and keep your guests entertained. Consider hiring a wedding band because the band can read the room, can interact with your guests, and will provide entertainment for all of your guests.