If you're trying to break into the music industry, the first thing you need to do is get a good fan base. You're not going to get ahead in the music industry unless you're able to generate your own publicity and market; in other words, you've got to get people excited about you before the music industry will ever take notice. One way to make a name for yourself is to utilize a music streaming service like Rbeatz. Streaming allows you to get your music out there without the backing of a big record label. Music streaming services aren't just for major recording stars: they're for anyone who wants to make sure that people have an opportunity to hear what they have to offer. It's important to remember that when you first start out with a streaming service, you'll be the proverbial little fish in a great big ocean. That's why you'll want to get yourself recognized as quickly as possible. Here are three tips you can use that will help you swim in an ocean of recording artists.

Start Off with Some Popular Songs

When you're starting out, people aren't going to be looking for your original work, they're going to be looking for songs that they already know. Use that to your advantage by recording covers of songs that are already popular. Once you have some success with your covers, start adding recordings of your original work. People who are following you because they like your covers will start listening to your original songs, and pretty soon you'll have a decent fan base. When you do start streaming your original songs, be sure to use the right titles. Use titles that are similar to songs that are already popular. That way, when people search for the popular songs, your original songs will come up in the search engines too.

Get Your Songs Visually Noticed

Streaming your music is one step toward success, but you've got to dip your feet into the video aspect of music, too. When people hear a song that they like, they want to be drawn into the music visually as well. That's why you've got to get your music visually noticed at the same time. As soon as you've got your music on a streaming service, start adding videos to your social media accounts. Not only that, but make sure you encourage your fans to share your videos on their social media pages as well.

Don't Let Your Keywords Bring You Down

When it comes to anything that's internet-based, keywords are crucial, including those related to music streaming services. If you're using bland, non-descriptive keywords, your music is never going to get out there. You want to use keywords that paint an accurate and descriptive picture of your music. Let your keywords draw the listeners in so that your music can keep them there.