If you recently invested in a piano, you are going to want to have your piano professional tuned. Having your piano professionally tuned will ensure that you are getting the right sound out of your piano. A piano is a fine piece of equipment that needs to be tuned and cared for on a regular basis, and piano tuning is one of the best ways you can take care of your piano.

#1 Get Rid of Dust

The first thing that your piano tuner is going to do is get rid of dust. Even if you dust the outside of your piano on a regular basis, that doesn't necessarily protect the inside. When dust gets inside of your piano, it settles on the strings and the soundboard. Over time, all that dust can actually do damage to your piano by changing the way that that sound generates from your piano. The best way to protect your piano from dust damage is with a cover.

A technician will clean away the dust inside of your piano and make sure that this task is accomplished in a safe manner.

#2 Take Care of the Hammers

The hammers are the parts that hit up and down and create sound inside of your piano. They are made out of felt, which can last for a long time. However, over time, the felt wears down, leaving behind grooves. This happens with keys that you use the most often.

These grooves impact the sound, and can be filled in and smoothed out. This can take a few hours, depending on when the hammers were last taken care of. After that, a technician will look at how the strings connect with the hammer. They will make sure that they mat correctly with the hammer when each key is pressed.

A high-quality technician will also adjust the hammer through a process called voicing, where the sounds can be adjusted to be softer or harder.

#3 Testing the Keyboard

After that, a technician will test the keyboard. They will test each individual key and go through the keys multiple times. Just running through all 88 keys will not get this job done. The technician needs to play and listen to the individual keys and octaves. If something sounds off, they have to run tests to figure out what needs fixed with each key.

#4 Tuning

The last thing a piano technician does when working on your piano is actual tune your piano. This is the last step that they will do. One can use a tuner, software, or their ear to make sure that each sound is perfect.

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