If you're an avid guitar player and have plans to buy a seven-string guitar to expand your ability to make music, you'll also want to think about arranging some lessons to help you excel with this new instrument. There are parts of playing a guitar with seven strings that will come naturally to you if you're proficient with a standard six-string guitar, but there are also some challenges that you'll need to overcome. The last thing that you want is for your seven-string instrument to gather dust because you struggle to play it; several lessons from a professional teacher will help you avoid this issue.

Rhythm And Lead

One of the biggest departures that you'll notice when you change to a seven-string guitar is that you can now essentially play some rhythm and lead at the same time. This idea is possible with a six-string guitar, but the addition of the bass string gives you more depth in this area. For example, you can play a heavier riff on the lower strings with alternating with a lead-style riff on the higher strings. Balancing these two elements can be a challenge, but your teacher will show you how to play some popular seven-string riffs of this nature.

Fingering Changes

The presence of the seventh string not only changes the sound of a guitar, but also changes how it feels in your hands. Seven-string instruments have wider necks than their six-string counterparts, so you'll want some proper instruction on how to correctly hold the neck of this instrument so that you won't fatigue your wrist, hand, or fingers. Often, you'll find that you can hold a seven-string guitar in a few different ways depending on what you're playing. The main difference is that you won't often be able to wrap your thumb over the low end of the neck.

New Chords

On a seven-string guitar, you won't just be playing riffs. You'll also be able to incorporate some new chords with the new bass string and the other strings, and some professional instruction can be helpful in this matter. You'll learn how to finger these chords, get tips on how to transition with ease between one new chord and another, and even how to blend new chords and riffs. When you're seeking a local guitar teacher for this type of instruction, make sure to always ask about each teacher's experience with seven-string guitars.

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