Do you have a collection of oldies by groups like The Kingston Trio, If so, your own kids probably grew up listening to those great groups.Perhaps your record collection included great guitar players like B.B.King, George Harrison, and Eric Clampton. Maybe listening to those great guitarists has led one of your children to love the sound of guitar music. Does that mean that he or she wants to take guitar lessons? 

If you have already gone with a plan that includes hiring a guitar instructor and obtaining a guitar, that means you're pretty focused, aren't you? You might still be in the pondering and deciding stage of letting your child play the guitar. If that's the case, from arranging for acoustic guitar lessons to getting a good deal on a guitar, here are some ideas that might help you.

Arrange For Guitar Lessons - Before you even find a guitar instructor, think of sitting down with your child to ask him or her some important questions. Those questions might include: Do you understand that becoming really good at playing the guitar you'll have to practice several times a week? Are you willing to sacrifice play time with friends in order to do your practicing? Will you follow your instructor's counsel when you're needing extra help? 

Once you are convinced that your child is serious about learning how to play the guitar, talk to an experienced instructor that is in your area. Visit with the instructor long enough to know that he or she relates well to young kids. Once you have selected the instructor, think about introducing him or her to your child so the instructor can establish what he or she will expect from your child once he or she begins lessons.

Obtain A Guitar - Are you starting off with acoustic guitar lessons? That might be a really good choice. Once your child is super confident on the acoustic guitar, he or she might want to go on to electric guitar lessons. Meanwhile, you'll need to obtain a guitar for your child to use. Perhaps there is a music store that will have a rent-to-own plan. Monthly payments will probably go by so fast that soon your child will own the guitar he or she has grown accustomed to using.

Another idea is to purchase a guitar at a pawn shop. Have you ever been to a pawn shop? If not, you will more than likely be surprised at how many items you can find there. Besides buying a good previously owned guitar, you might even find some new vinyl records to add to your collection of guitar music.  For more information, contact companies like Guitar  Works Ltd.