If you're into guitars, you might be thinking about building up a nice guitar collection. You may be hoping to show your guitar collection off to your friends and family, or you might even want to show your guitar collection off to other guitar enthusiasts. If you are wondering how to build up a vintage guitar selection that you will want to show off to others, these tips can help.

1. Choose Guitars from Different Time Periods

Right now, you might just be interested in guitars from one specific time period. However, if you look at the guitars from all of the different time periods in the past, you might find that you are actually interested in guitars from all different time periods. Plus, this is a good way to add visual interest to your collection. You might find that some of the older guitars that you purchase will actually be worth a lot of money one day, too.

2. Choose Guitars from Different Brands

You might have a favorite guitar brand, but that doesn't mean that you should restrict your collection to just one brand. You can look into vintage guitars from brands that aren't around anymore. You can also check out older versions of some of today's brands. By adding guitars from multiple brands to your collection, you can ensure that it's not too boring or one-dimensional.

3. Get Them in Good Shape

When purchasing older guitars, you might find that it's tough for you to find those guitars in pristine shape. Additionally, you might find that you can purchase vintage guitars for a lower price if you're willing to buy them in less-than-ideal conditions. Before you hang them up and show them off, however, you will probably want to fix them up. This might not be as hard or as expensive as you think. There are talented individuals out there who will help you with restoring your vintage guitars into like-new condition, and it might be worth it to hire one of these individuals if you don't have the time to restore your guitars yourself or if you have purchased a particularly valuable guitar. If you don't mind working on your guitars yourself, though, you can look for information online about how to get your vintage guitar back in good condition.

The tips above can help you pick the guitars that will help you build up the perfect vintage guitar collection. Then, you will probably be really excited about showing your guitar collection off to others.

For more information on vintage guitar collections, contact a music store.