When choosing an instrument to learn how to play, many people go for one of the classics, like the piano, guitar, or flute. If you love playing one of these instruments, then it is the right choice for you. But if you're still on the fence and looking for that perfect instrument, you might want to consider one that's a bit unconventional: the accordion. Here's why the accordion can be such a fun and interesting instrument to learn how to play.

1. It requires full-body coordination.

By learning to play the accordion, you will improve your coordination and learn how to independently use both of your hands and feet. To play the instrument, you use one hand on the keyboard and the other on the bellows, and if you are standing, you will have to shift weight from one leg to the other to give your movements "impulsion." This coordination can translate to other skills and activities, such as riding horses or playing sports.

2. Accordionists get work.

There are so many piano players and guitar players out there that jobs playing these instruments get snatched up in a second. Accordion players are fewer and further between, but there are jobs for them. People want accordion players to perform in restaurants, with jazz bands, and with polka bands, and since there are not many accordion players around, you shouldn't struggle to find one of these gigs once you know how to play decently well. 

3. Playing is a skill that needs preservation.

The accordion is one of those old, traditional instruments that fewer people show interest in. If nobody learns how to play and passes that skill on to the next generation, the instrument will eventually die out, and that would be unfortunate. By learning how to play, you help preserve the majesty of the great accordion.

4. Friends and family members will love it.

People are often enchanted by accordions — both because they do not see these instruments every day, and because the instruments are fun to listen to. With a guitar or a piano, friends and family members might get tired of listening to you play, but they're likely to show interest in an accordion. 

If you are looking for an offbeat instrument to learn, the accordion is a prime choice. Help pass on the skill of playing it to the next generation, and look forward to plenty of gigs coming your way.

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