Owning a piano is a serious responsibility and is one that owners must handle with ease and pride. Unfortunately, some owners may inherit a piano with damaged strings or may not have taken the proper steps to keep them healthy. Thankfully, there are a large number of different ways that they can avoid this problem, such as hiring a piano tuner to check into the state of their piano's strings.

Piano String Damage Can Be Problematic

The piano strings inside of this instrument are under a high level of pressure. This pressure helps to keep them taut for playing and creates the tonality that they produce when they are struck. Unfortunately, this playing can damage strings over time by impacting their surface and causing tension to increase, triggering issues throughout the whole of the instrument's structure.

If this is the case, then how do some pianos last for hundreds of years without needing to get fixed and with the same piano strings that were initially installed on them? Their owners took good care of them by providing high-quality maintenance. Typically, this would mean that they called a piano tuner regularly to check on the strings to make sure that they weren't too tense.

How a Piano Tuning Helps

Piano tuners aren't just individuals who can make sure that a piano produces the proper sounds when played. They are also repair experts who fully understand the interior of a piano and how to provide a myriad of benefits. They can see if a string is too tight and loosen its tension, paying attention to the reasons why the strings get tight and how to prevent this issue with future pianos.

Just as importantly, these professionals also fully understand how to check the piano for other types of damage, such as tension-related issues throughout the chassis, that they can either repair or address. Their understanding of the inside of the piano is complete and they can ensure that a piano sounds great and is strong enough to last for years.

A good piano probably doesn't need to get tuned more than once or twice per year, depending on how often it gets played. Most people probably just need to tune it once a year if they play it occasionally, but serious players may even want to get the piano tuned three times per year. The exact amount will be decided by the tuner and the owner to ensure the best results in this situation. Contact a piano tuner for more information.