The violin has long been used to play some of the most iconic music pieces around the world, and learning how to play this instrument can open the door to a whole new world of musicality. Many young children and older adults have benefited from learning the fundamentals of proper violin playing through violin lessons. Here are some of the main subjects that are taught to students during violin lessons to help them master everything from the most basic to the most advanced playing techniques.

Correct Violin and Bow Holding

Students may find that holding the violin and bow feels awkward at first, but learning how to hold each piece correctly from the beginning will help students adjust quicker. The instructor can show how to hold the neck of the violin with one hand while keeping the base of the instrument where the chin rest is located tucked beneath the chin with the shoulder helping to hold the violin in place for additional support. The instructor will also demonstrate how to hold the bow with the thumb and fingers in the correct position.

Instrument Tuning

A violin must be tuned regularly so that each note will be the correct pitch. Strings on the violin that are out of tune can sound much lower or higher in pitch than they should, and learning how to tune these strings properly will be important. The instructor will teach the student what each string should sound like when it's in tune. Students may also learn how to use a tuning fork or other tools that can make the process of tuning a violin easier.

The Different Notes

Songs for the violin and all other instruments consist of different notes that must be learned in order to play each tune properly. Students will learn about quarter notes and whole notes, along with many other types of notes. They will also learn how long each note should be held to achieve the right effect while playing. Stacatto, legato and other styles of playing certain notes will be covered as well. Students will also learn how to read the notes correctly on their sheet music. 


Learning how to play basic scales can help students master hitting the correct notes with the right bowing styles so that playing all types of songs will be much easier. From the C major to the F flat minor, students will be taught scales that range from simpler to more complex in difficulty. The instructor will encourage the student to practice these scales regularly to instill good playing habits.


The best part of taking violin lessons is when students get the chance to learn how to play some of their favorite songs. The instructor may teach a variety of classical and more contemporary songs that are easier to play in the beginning and advance to more difficult songs as students become stronger in their playing.

These are just some of the key fundamentals that students can be taught when they start taking local violin lessons. A qualified instructor can work closely with students to help them become the skilled violinists that they dream of being.