You have many options when you're hiring musical entertainment for an event. You can hire a singer, band, DJ, choir, etc. If you decide to hire a singer, you must figure out a few things to ensure everything goes as planned and your guests are happy.

Original Music or Cover Songs

Do you want the singer you hire to perform original or cover songs? If you're choosing a well-known artist that your guests are familiar with, they will know the songs and be able to sing along and enjoy the performance more. You might prefer they sing popular cover songs if they're not so well-known so that everyone can enjoy the show. 

The Setlist

The setlist for the singer is very important, as it will control the atmosphere of your event. Do you want slower songs near the end of the night or upbeat songs the entire time? You should get a list of songs the artist is willing to perform and create a setlist that works well for your event and that the singer is okay with as well. 

Accompanying Music

Unless you hire an a capella singer, they will need some background music to sing over. Will they use prerecorded instrumental tracks, or do they have their own band? It's essential to know these types of things in advance so you can have the appropriate equipment—microphones, sound system, etc.—set up for the event. 

How Experienced Are They?

You will want to hire a singer who has experience performing at events similar to the one you're hosting. That way, they will be more likely to get through their setlist without any significant issues that can ruin the event. An experienced singer might even be able to help you coordinate some things that you might not have considered.  

How Long Can They Perform?

How long do you want the singer to perform? If it's going to be a long performance, you should make sure they can sing for long periods. They will need to have enough songs to perform and be able to protect their vocal cords while they sing so they don't lose their voice halfway through their performance. 

How Often Will They Need Breaks? 

It's normal for singers to need breaks throughout their sets to rest their voices, drink water, etc. Make sure you prepare for these breaks so you don't have guests sitting around bored. You could serve food during an intermission, play background music between songs, etc.

Contact a local music service to learn more about hiring a singer for events.