Events often need a little something to pick them up. One solution is to hire an acoustic guitarist — such as Ryan Fox Live. If you're wondering what the benefits of having an event guitarist present might be, here are five reasons to consider asking one to perform.


Music can set the mood for an event. A performer can liven up dull events by picking up the pace. Likewise, they can slow people down at very active events. People rarely ignore live musicians, and that means the performer often sets the tone by playing their music.

An Excuse for Conversations

Lots of folks struggle with starting conversations, but music can provide an excellent jumping-off point. If the attendees aren't going to be familiar with each other before an event, an acoustic guitarist can give them an excuse to meet. People will gather where they hear music, and that will inherently drive social interactions. Even if two people have nothing in common, one will often just ask the other what they think of the guitarist. From there, the conversation will get easier.


An event guitarist can provide interactivity for groups. Song requests are a classic form of interaction. Performers also frequently talk with crowd members while they play and even during intermissions. This can add life to an event, and people will enjoy the vastly more interactive format compared to just playing music over speakers. Attendees will be excited and charmed whenever the guitarist plays one of their favorite songs, too.

Music for Breaks

Few events go non-stop. There will be breaks, and why should anyone have to settle for piped-in music? An acoustic guitarist can make the break times more interesting and memorable. Especially if you're worried about crowd retention during long interludes, a guitarist can keep people engaged.

You can also use music to control the crowd during the breaks. When people hear the music pick up, they'll know it's time to move away from sessions. Likewise, when the music dies down, they'll know they should get back to business.

Playing with Other Performers

You might already have performers lined up, but they may need an acoustic guitarist. Even if they only need the guitar piece for a few sets, it makes a difference. The other performers will appreciate that you put in the effort to schedule a guitarist. Particularly if they're going to do a long set, the extra help can expand their repertoire of songs and keep things interesting.